Individual Therapy

Daniel Brooks, LCSW, is an experienced, licensed, clinical psychotherapist with offices in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, Midtown Manhattan and New Hope, Pa. A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, Fordham University and the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, New York City, Brooks has additional certification and experience in work with couples, adolescents and families. He specializes in LGBT issues.

While initially trained in classical analysis, Brooks’ approach has become a compilation of progressive and contemporary theories and techniques, such as Ego, Self and Developmental psychologies. His style is supportively and nuturingly interactive.

The path of psychotherapy is to navigate the world in the best possible manner with a goal toward greater understanding of functional and dysfunctional patterns, so that personal fulfillment can be obtained. In plain words - psychotherapy “tunes and tones up” an individual so that his or her choices in life become more apparent and achievable. Skill and progress in getting what you want in life—in relationships, jobs, creativity—thwarts dysfunctional anxiety and depression.

It is difficult to travel on this progressive adventure alone. A working alliance between the therapist and patient is defined from the beginning and constantly re configured. Emotional and physical health is the objective, but work from the therapist and the patient must be done to achieve this balance. Often the road is not easy and there are always potholes, but it is the therapists job to look out for rough roads and help steer the patient down the “right” track. That, for every individual, means a different thing and therapy helps to illuminate the way.

He considers life experience as his best skill and asset, especially his experience as a parent and LGBT activist. Marketing and writing are his other hobbies. Brooks recently directed the acclaimed LQBTQ Wedding Expo which was hosted by Brooklyn's Borough Hall and the Brooklyn Community Pride Center, where he also leads group sessions in "Choosing Fulfillment." He currently serves as editor of Wedding Pride Magazine and as the volunteer marketing director and a clinician for Identity House, Manhattan LGBT clinic.

A decade ago, Brooks initiated and began New Hope Celebrates, the only LGBT marketing organization in Bucks County, Pa., and restored a 165 year-old farmhouse and former stage coach stop, which now operates as The Wishing Well Guesthouse.

He is also an avid recreationalist and overall gym advocate. He feels that going to the gym regularly gives him the energy to diversify his life and the good health to enjoy it.


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Certifications & post-graduate training:

  • Anxiety
  • “Choosing Fulfillment” group
    (based on short term group exercises proven to help make better decisions)
  • Dependencies
  • Depression
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Men’s issues
  • Parenting group
  • Sexual abuse and compulsivity
  • Traumatic situations
  • Psychotherapy Groups
  • Couples Therapy